Professor Marcelo Finotti Joins RMNU California Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy!

3rd Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jui Jitsu Professor Marcelo Finotti will be joining RMNU California to teach kids and adult classes beginning November 1st.  

Professor Marcelo has been training Jiu jitsu since 1996, and has been a teacher for 16 years. Currently a 3rd degree black belt as a direct student of Professor Robson Moura. Professor of RMNU BRAZIL Headquarters and responsible for managing and growing the associations of RMNU BRAZIL. With several titles: São Paulo state, world championships, state of Florida among others in Brazilian Jui Jitsu. Experience delivering multiple Jui Jitsu seminars in RMNU BRAZIL, RMNU Germany AND RMNU USA.

If you are interested in drop in classes, private lessons or unlimited monthly training call today to book at (916)581-0BJJ.